Meet our team

Who is who

Translations is a specialized translation agency consisting of a group of permanent staff members and an extensive network of professional and experienced translators. We place great store in having personal contacts to understand the assignment as best we can so our translations reach the intended target group.

Permanent staff

Our team of permanent staff ensures that everything is running smoothly in the office.

We want to introduce ourselves:

Sabine Tollenaar


Judith Hilbrink


Pim Hilbrink 

General Managing Director

Maggie Guit 

Communications Consultant 

Ben Kaarsgaren


Henk Toorman

Application Management  

Wendy Bouma  

Hippit design for print & web   



Our interpreters and translators

Translations works with a reliable network of 300 professional translators and some 60 interpreters. Most of our translators are native speakers. They speak their mother tongue which means that the highest quality of the translations is always guaranteed.