How much does a translation cost?


Fixed fees for the most common languages

We have fixed fees for the most common languages and disciplines. These prices are per word in the target language and apply to translations from or into Dutch.

Language From


€ 0.15


€ 0.18


€ 0.22

East European languages

€ 0.24

Other languages

€ 0.28

Bahasa Ind.

€ 0.35


If translations have to be signed by a sworn translator, there is a surcharge of € 0.05 per word. The cost price is charged for authentication costs.

We charge a minimum fee of € 60 per language for each assignment, for a sworn translation this is € 75 per language.

We can also correct already translated texts for you. We charge € 60 an hour for correction work. In that case the text is reviewed by a translator who is qualified in the language of the document.

The number of words charged is never less than the number of words of the source text..

A different fee can be charged for special or deviating texts, for example if the degree of difficulty of the text is significantly higher than average. This fee is always discussed and agreed with the client in advance, before the assignment is accepted.

Click for more information about prices on customized work.

All our fees exclude 21% VAT.

Urgent translations

Sometimes texts have to be translated very urgently. That happens quite frequently and TRANSLATIONS offers this service regularly.

Because each urgent translation is different and has different deadlines, one of our account managers will consult you about your wishes. For the most part there is a surcharge on urgent translations of some 25%.

Urgent translations are discussed with the client in advance before the assignment is accepted. During this consultation we make transparent arrangements about the delivery time.

All-in fees for civil-law notaries and lawyers

Our interpretation services are mainly used by civil-law notaries and lawyers who in many cases require a sworn interpreter. There are various costs for engaging a (sworn) translator, such a reading time, travelling expenses and travelling time.

TRANSLATIONS has a special all-in fee for interpretation services for civil-law notaries and lawyers, including the above costs. A fixed fee that can be charged directly to their clients on receipt of the draft of the deed. This methods ensures transparency and speed and prevents unpleasant surprises afterwards.


For interpretation services a minimum of 3 hours for each interpreter shall always be charged. Travelling expenses are € 1.54 for each return kilometre. This includes travelling time compensation .

In order to do his or her work properly, an interpreter always reads about the subject of the interpretation in advance. The costs for this are € 60.00 an hour.