Different disciplines


We offer translations in all disciplines. In our many years of experience we specialized in legal, financial, technical and medical translations.

A lot of our work is for law firms and civil-law notaries who mainly use sworn translators and interpreters because their work requires this.

Because of all our experience over the years we can be considered specialists in legal and financial translations. We work with an international team of committed professionals who are passionate about their work. We always ensure that a translator is well versed in the client’s discipline. Our translators are also well-educated and always deliver high-quality translations.

A good translator is also a good copywriter. When selecting translators we look not just for education and experience but also how committed they are, their knowledge of different disciplines and their drive. This mixture of qualities guarantees the best translations.

Each organization has its own style, whether this is a preference for a certain terminology or a specific house style. By really listening to what our customers want we can ensure that the translation is written in the format that the customers are looking for.