Sworn translations and interpretations

Sworn translations

Legal translations are complicated and much can depend on such translations. We are aware of the responsibility this entails and always make sure that the translations are treated with the utmost care.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is an official document made by a sworn translator. For a sworn translation the source document is attached to the translation and provided with the official stamp and signature of a sworn translator. The sworn translator officially states that the translation is a truthful representation of the text in the source document. A sworn translation is internationally recognized.

This usually concerns documents used for official purposes, such as documents from the public registers (Land Registry Office, Register of Mortgages), from the Civil Registry and other official documents such as diplomas, audit certificates and notarial documents.

What is a sworn translator?

A sworn translator is a certified translator sworn in by a Dutch Court and registered in the Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters. He or she is entitled to translate documents with an official or legal status and certifies a translation by a statement with his/her stamp and signature, which is inseparably attached to the original document.

A certified translator is sworn in by a Dutch Court after having passed a test of competence for a certain language combination.

When do you need a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is required for official documents, such a notarial deeds, extracts from the Civil Registry and court documents. This always concerns documents to be used for official purposes. 

Notarial deeds

  • Articles of association
  • Deed of incorporation
  • Purchase contract
  • Certificate of inheritance
  • Last will
  • Deed of transfer
  • Deed of mortgage


Extracts from the Civil Registry

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Birth certificate
  • Single status certificate
  • Deed of division
  • Death certificate
  • Deed of registered partnership


Court documents

  • Official court report
  • Ruling
  • Court assignment
  • Exhibits
  • Insolvency certificate
  • Bailiffs’ writ
  • Application for attachment



  • Pension agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Employment contract
  • Sales contract 


Official documents

  • Good conduct certificate
  • Diploma and list of grades
  • Payslips
  • Employer’s statement
  • Tax documents